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Generating Leads

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Elysium Sky Digital

Our core focus is to provide small and medium businesses with more clients. We specialize in lead generation and client acquisition at the lowest cost by carefully and very strategically building tailored marketing campaigns for our clients and leveraging the power of sales funnels. By the end our clients will have very effective, high converting sales funnels that provide an incredible return on marketing investment. We take the stress out of marketing your business so you can focus more on running it.

Why choose us

Unlike generic marketing we are results driven. We focus on tailoring marketing campaigns so there is measurable return on investment, meaning you put a little money in and you make more money back. You can’t really control or see whether a website, pamphlets, radio ads and the likes actually work but the cost stays the same, whereas our campaigns have clear transparent results that we can show you and tailor it to work phenomenally well. The result is we drive the cost of targeting new customers down while targeting the leads that actually convert into paying clients.

Results Driven

We make sure your marketing campaigns are extremely effective with detailed reports and indicators of who your customers are, so your marketing investment goes to the right places. We make sure you have a measurable rate of return with true transparency to see how effective your marketing budget is being used.

Cost Effective

Our campaigns are very effective at targeting leads that actually convert into paying clients, the result is that the cost per lead or cost per click gets lower and lower because we build detailed customer avatars that target specific people and that drives your cost down.

Full Control

As our client you have final sign off of any and all campaigns before they go live and we’ll always keep your views in mind. You can request at any time how the campaign is doing and manage the budget yourself. We can also stop the campaign when you need it to and start it at a moment’s notice.

Detailed Client Avatars

As part of the campaign you’ll gain deep insight into who your clients are. Using the data we gather, we can re-target and up-sell your leads and clients to make more profits while spending less money on marketing.

We Are Cheaper

Digital marketing, when done right, is the few mediums of growing your business that is still highly profitable. The cost to get more clients are much lower than with advertising on other mediums, and because of this our services are far below generic marketing costs.

How to start


Contact Us

Give us a call, email us or send us a message over WhatsApp to discuss your business.

Schedule A Meeting

Next we schedule a ‘Zoom’ meeting  where we can discuss your needs and expectations.


Strategic Planning

Moving on we’ll work on strategy that would work for your marketing campaign and share ideas.

Campaign Creation

In this phase we build the funnels and landing pages that will drive the campaign.

Campaign Execution

This is where the magic happens, we generate leads and convert clients for your business!

Who we are

Lee Venter

Lee Venter

Founder and Owner

Lee loves winning the game of hunting and converting data into leads for sales.

Client Testimonials

“Elysium Sky Digital is my secret weapon.”

Jackie Smal

“I never launch a new product without ES Digital”

David Bean

“Lee and his team free up my time to focus on my customers”

Ayanda Sivuyile

Contact Us

Email , phone or WhatsApp us to get the conversation started

Contact Info

Our Office

2 Del Valle Crescent, Sunningdale
Cape Town, Western Cape


Open Office Hours

M-F: 9am – 5pm
Sat: 10am – 2pm


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Elysium Sky Digital

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